1) The teacher who has a lot of great students _____ from home. a) is working b) are working 2) The students, as well as the teacher, _____ to work hard this term. a) wants b) want 3) Everything in that textbook _____ useful. a) is b) are 4) _____ anyone in the government found a solution yet? a) Has b) Have 5) Every one of those books _____ non-fiction. a) is b) are 6) All of the textbooks, even the grammar one, _____ on my desk. a) is b) are 7) One of my teachers _____ problems connecting to zoom sometimes. a) has b) have 8) Either the quizzes or the final exam _____ the most points in the final course grade. a) has b) have  9) Neither the teacher nor the students _____ to campus every day. a) is coming b) are coming 10) A number of people in the crowd at the soccer game _____ for Chelsea FC. a) is cheering b) are cheering 11) The number of people in the crowd at the soccer game cheering for Chelsea FC _____ high. a) is b) are 12) Three hundred dollars _____ the average cost for academic textbooks each term. a) is b) are 13) Physics _____ my favorite subject when I was in high school. a) was b) were




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