1) a building at an airport divided into Arrivals and Departures  a) Bag gage drop b) Departures board c) Customs d) Airport terminal 2) Where you take your luggage to check it in if you already have your boarding pass. a) Departures board b) Runway c) Bag gage drop d) Check in desk 3) where you collect your luggage on arrival, and there are usually trolleys for carrying heavy cases. a) Runway b) Baggage reclaim  c) Customs d) Check in desk 4) Where you give in any checked-in luggage (bags, cases, etc.) and are given a boarding pass. a) Check in desk b) Gate c) Baggage reclaim  d) airline Lounge 5) Where your luggage may be checked to see if you are bringing illegal goods into the country. a) Customs b) Baggage reclaim  c) Security d) Check in desk 6) An electronic display showing flight times and if the flight is on time, boarding, closed, or delayed. a) Runway b) Airport terminal c) Departures board d) Bag gage drop 7) Where you show your boarding pass and ID and board your flight. a) Gate b) Departures board c) Baggage reclaim  d) Bag gage drop 8) where planes take off and land. a) Bag gage drop b) Runway c) Baggage reclaim  d) Airport terminal 9) Where they check that you are not trying to take prohibited items (e.g. liquids or sharp objects) onto the plane, by scanning your hand luggage, and making you walk through a metal detector. a) airline Lounge b) Security c) Bag gage drop d) Baggage reclaim  10) Where passengers who are travelling business or first class can wait for their flight. a) Departures board b) airline Lounge c) Security d) Check in desk




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