1) What can we extract from glaciers to see a long-term climate record? a) Ice cores b) Ice creams c) Ice sheets d) Glacial cores 2) Which one of the following is a greenhouse gas? a) Carbon dioxide b) Water vapour c) Methane d) Nitrous oxide 3) What is the Greenhouse Effect? a) A global agreement to fight climate change. b) When the gasses in our atmosphere trap heat and block it from leaving our planet. c) Growing plants to absorb CO2 d) When the gasses in our atmosphere reflect heat away from Earth 4) What percentage of climate scientists agree the climate change is real and caused by humans a) 83% b) 97% c) 23% d) 44% 5) Which country has the most Greenhouse Gas emissions? a) China b) USA c) UK d) India 6) What percentage of total global emissions does China produce? a) 8.5% b) 17.8% c) 26.6% d) 31.1% 7) What problems is Bangladesh increasingly experiencing due to climate change? a) Sea level rise b) Storms c) Cyclones d) Drought 8) Which of these is a negative impact of climate change on the UK? a) Extreme weather more likely b) More accidents due to ice c) Heating bills will increase 9) Which of these are a significant source of methane? a) Cows farts b) Landfill sites c) Cow burps d) Plastic bags 10) Which food has the biggest carbon footprint? a) Fresh fish b) Nuts and berries c) Beef d) Root vegetables




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