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1) If I had a time machine a) I will go back to see the Beatles live. b) I would go back to see the Beatles live. c) I go back to see the Beatles live.  2) What would you ask from Nostrasdamus a) If you met him. b) If you meet him. c) If you would meet him. 3) I would have been starving a) If I had a bow to hunt with.   b) If I had had a bow to hunt with.   c) If I would have a bow to hunt with.  4) Which country would you rule a) if you could choose? b) if you choose? c) if you would choose? 5) If the Spanish king and queen had not sponsored Columbus a) He would not have discovered America. b) He did not discover America. c) He would not discover America.  6) My parents would have never met. a) If my grandfather moves to America.  b) If my grandfather had moved to America.  c) If my grandfather would move to America. 7) If I lived in Russia  a) I would freeze to death in winter.  b) I will freeze to death in winter. c) I froze to death in winter. 8) If I had been born in the 60s a) I had gone to Woodstock. b) I would go to Woodstock. c) I would have gone to Woodstock.

conditional I,II,III


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