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1) The criminal was accused....murder. a) at b) of c) with 2) The boss was shouting ....his employee. a) on b) with c) at 3) This buliding reminds me ....the House of Parliament. a) of b) at c) on 4) The relatives congratualted her ....the diploma. a) in b) on c) at 5) Advertisements brainwash people .....buying things. a) into b) on c) with 6) The criminal hid the evidence ....the judge. a) of b) for c) from 7) I cannot forgive you......telling lies. a) on b) of c) for 8) You can insure your house....robbery. a) for b) against c) of 9) The car owner was compensated.....theft. a) on b) for c) of 10) The mother held her baby tightly...her chest. a) to b) against c) on

11.b verb-preposition

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