This is the dog that chased me., The man, who was wearing his pyjamas, chased the cat off his property., John was the candidate that got the job., Sandra is the lady who will help you., 1982 was the year that I moved to New York., The detective who solved the crime was a woman., It was a glorious day, which was unusual for early March. , The person who won the race tested positive for drugs., Donald the caretaker, whom non of the staff knew very well, swept the corridor in silence. , The song that I heard sounded like heavy metal., All of the class gasped in disbelief while Miss Broadfoot did a backflip in gymnastics. , The park that we visited had lots of trees., The gift that she opened contained many chocolates., The exam that I took in the summer was very difficult., Whilst bathing in the river, the children were startled by a loud bang in the distance.,




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