1) We didn't enjoy the film ______ we went to see. a) whose b) that c) who 2) Tom comes from Patox, ________ is near London. a) which b) that c) who 3) I don't believe the story _______ he told me. a) who b) that c) whom 4) Is this the woman ______ you asked me about? a) which b) who c) whose 5) Have you received the email _______ we sent you? a) whose b) which c) whom 6) This is the knife with ______ the crime was committed. a) which b) that c) whom 7) The dish, ________ wasn't very delicious, was very expensive. a) which b) whose c) that 8) My friend Tom, ________ parents live in London, invited me to visit him. a) whose b) who c) that 9) Here's the CD _______ I told you about. a) that b) whom c) whose 10) That's the boy _______ sister studies with me. a) who b) that c) whose




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