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1) You ... drink and drive. a) don't have to b) mustn't c) shouldn't 2) If I ... like the food, I'll eat in a restaurant. a) won't b) don't c) aren't 3) What will you do if there ... no trains? a) will b) is c) are 4) Wait here ... I come back. a) until b) if c) while 5) You should ... responsibility! a) take b) make c) do 6) The best you can do is to ... your age. a) take b) do c) act 7) When I have a ..., I keep going to the toilet. a) sore throat b) constipation c) diarrhoea 8) A ... has to work under the ground. a) vet b) miner c) car mechanic 9) This person fights for your country. a) soldier b) sailor c) shop assistant 10) A ... grows your food. a) plumber b) miner c) farner 11) Thank goodness you've arrived ... a) peace and quiet b) up and down c) safe and sound 12) She is very fussy. She ... eats chips. a) only b) nearly c) still 13) Do you have an MP3 player? a) Yes, I have. b) No, I do. c) No, I don't. 14) They ... in this house since May. a) live b) lived c) have lived 15) Finally, I managed ... the housework before Christmas. a) to finish b) finishing c) finish
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