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1) The film was great, but also very sad so it made us feel ____________. a) depressed b) depressing 2) This summer, we’re going to the USA. It’s so ____________ that I just can’t wait! a) excited b) exciting 3) I think the ending of the book is very ____________. I certainly didn’t expect it. a) surprised b) surprising 4) The film was sad, without a happy ending, so I think it was really ____________. a) depressed b) depressing 5) She wasn’t at all ____________ in the film and soon fell asleep. a) interested b) interesting 6) Nobody expected him to win the singing contest. We were all really ____________. a) surprised b) surprising 7) When a book is ____________, I never even finish it. a) bored b) boring 8) The story is full of __ moments, so you never know what’s going to happen next. a) surprised b) surprising 9) The play was horrible. I was so ____ . a) bored b) boring

Adjectives -ed/-ing




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