God used him to bring a widow’s son back to life. - Elijah, God used him to bring the Shunammite woman's son back to life. - Elisha, He healed Naaman of leprosy. - Elisha, A dead man came back to life when thrown on his bones.  - Elisha, He ran in the opposite direction when God told him to preach to enemies. - Jonah, He was swallowed by a big fish. - Jonah, He got so angry when a worm ate a vine that he wanted to die. - Jonah, He was a shepherd and farmer. - Amos, He prophesied judgment for Israel because of their treatment of the poor, their pride, and their worship of idols. - Amos, He lived in Tekoa, about 12 miles south of Jerusalem. - Amos, His name means “Yahweh is God.” - Joel, He pictured an invasion of locusts. - Joel, He called his listeners to “return to the Lord your God” and shared the hope of finding refuge from God’s judgment in God Himself. - Joel, His name means “salvation.” - Hosea, God told him to marry a prostitute, so he did. - Hosea, His marriage to an adulterous spouse pictured God’s faithfulness to wayward Israel. - Hosea, When he heard God saying, “Whom shall I send?” He answered, “Here am I. Send me!” - Isaiah, His words are quoted in the New Testament 66 times. - Isaiah, He directly prophesied the birth of Israel’s Messiah, Immanuel. - Isaiah, He came from a small countryside village called Moresheth Gath. - Micah, Centuries after he died, Herod and the Magi looked at his prophecy to determine where the Messiah would be born. - Micah, God told him that He had chosen him as a prophet before his birth. - Jeremiah, When he read a scroll containing God’s message to the king, the king cut the scroll in pieces and burned it in the fire. - Jeremiah, The king imprisoned him in a cistern of mud as punishment for speaking God’s words. - Jeremiah, His name means “comforter.” It is shortened from Nehemiah. - Nahum, He prophesied a flood would destroy Nineveh. - Nahum,


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