1) Where is the boat? a) It is in the sky. b) It is on the sea. c) It is on the street. 2) How are you today? a) I am energetic. b) I am bad. c) I am angry. 3) What is your name? a) I am nine. b) I am Ahmet. c) I am fine. 4) He can play football. a) b) c) 5) How is the weather? a) It is windy. b) It is rainy. c) It is cloudy. 6) It is round. a) b) c) 7) What is this? a) This is a whale. b) This is a ladybird. c) This is a dolphin. 8) Who is this? a) This is my grandfather. b) This is my cousing. c) This is my father. 9) It is a teddy bear. a) b) c)   10) Where is Andy? a) He is at the cafe. b) He is at the bank. c) He is at the mosque.




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