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1) a) play b) plays 2) My a bank. a) work b) works 3) We.....dinner at seven o'clock. a) have b) has 4) Ben and Mandy.....their homework every afternoon. a) do b) does 5) That man a hospital. a) work b) works 6) People.........animals. a) like b) likes 7) She....lunch at two o'clock. a) have b) has 8) My mum and dad......... postcards. a) collect b) collects 9) Oliver..TV in his free time. a) watch b) watches 10) We....the bus to school. a) take b) takes 11) have breakfast? a) do b) does 12) When.....they go home? a) do b) does 13) .......Hannah play a musical instrument? a) Do b) Does 14) like cats? a) Do b) Does 15) go to school? a) do b) does 16) I have a shower at seven o' clock. a) When do you have a shower? b) Where do you have a shower? c) Why do you have a shower? 17) She does her homework every afternoon. a) When do she does her homework? b) When does she do her homework? c) When does she her homework? 18) I listen to the radio. a) How do you listen? b) Where do you listen to the radio? c) What do you listen? 19) The lesson starts at eight o'clock. a) When do lessons start? b) When does the lesson start? c) Where does the lesson start? 20) Michael and Andrew play football. a) What do they play? b) Where do Andrew and Michael play? c) What does Michael and Andrew play?

Present simple4

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