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1) What animal pulls Santa's sleigh? a) Pigs b) Horses c) Reindeer d) Cows 2) How many days are there on an advent calendar? a) 12 b) 14 c) 50 d) 24 3) What is the name of the reindeer with the famous red nose? a) Blizten b) Dancer c) Rudolph d) Donna 4) What is a traditional plate for Christmas dinner? a) Lamb b) Turkey c) Chips d) Beef 5) What do people usually put at the top of their Christmas tree? a) parrot b) elf c) star d) witch 6) Who can help Santa Claus to make toys? a) Oompa Loompas b) Elves c) Cats d) Children 7) Where does Santa Claus live?  a) South Pole b) Neverland c) North Pole d) My House 8) What are the round things that people hang on Christmas trees? a) bubbles b) balloons c) marbles d) baubles

Christmas quiz


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