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1) What are the units of k here? k = Rate [A] [B] a) mol dm-3 s-1 b) s-1 c) mol-1 dm3 s-1 2) What is the overall order for this reaction? Rate = k [A]2[B][C] a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5 3) How will the rate change if [A] is tripled? Rate = k [A]2[B][C] a) no change b) x3 c) x6 d) x9 4) How does the value of the rate constant change if temperature is increased? a) Increase b) Decrease c) Stays the same 5) Which of these answers gives the correct units for Kc? Kc = [A] [B] [C]2[D]2 a) mol dm-3 b) no units c) mol2 dm-6 d) mol-2 dm6 6) How will the ammonia yield for this reaction change if the volume is increased and temperature is constant? N2 + 3H2 <--> 2NH3 a) Increase b) Decrease c) Remain unchanged 7) Which one of the following conditions affects the value for Kc for this equilibrium? N2 + 3H2 <--> 2NH3 a) Temperature b) Catalyst c) Pressure d) Concentration 8) What are the units for Kw, the ionic product of water? Kw = [H+] [OH-] a) mol dm-3 b) mol2 dm-6 c) mol-1 dm3 9) Which will have the lower pH? a) 10cm3 of 0.4 mol dm-3 H3PO4 b) 20cm3 of 0.6 mol dm-3 H2SO4 c) 20cm3 of 1.0 mol dm-3 HCl 10) Which of the following indicators is appropriate to use for a weak acid – weak base titration? a) Methyl orange b) Universal Indicator c) Phenolphthalein d) None of the above 11) Which of the following pairs of chemicals could not be used as a buffer? a) Ethanoic acid and sodium ethanoate b) Propanoic acid and ethanoic acid c) Ammonia and ammonium chloride d) Propanoic acid and sodium propanoate 12) Which of the following compounds will rotate plane polarised light? a) CH3CH2CH2CH2OH b) CH3CHOHCH2CH2CH3 c) CH3CH2CHOHCH2CH3 13) When aldehydes are converted into alcohols where does the H- nucleophile come from? a) HCN b) H2SO4 c) NaBH4 14) Which chemical test shows the wrong positive result? a) Tollens’ = silver mirror b) Brady’s = red precipitate c) Acidified Na2Cr2O7 = turns green 15) Which of the following polymers can be hydrolysed? a) Polystyrene b) Nylon c) Polyethene 16) One of these is not an advantage of ethanoic anhydride instead of ethanoyl chloride: a) Cheaper b) Faster reaction c) Safer d) Easier to control 17) How many curly arrows should you draw for a nucleophilic addition mechanism? a) 2 b) 3 c) 5 18) How many curly arrows are there in an electrophilic substitution mechanism? a) 2 b) 3 c) 5 19) Which of the following is not a use for the hydrolysis products of esters? a) Biodiesel b) Aspirin c) Soap 20) What is the catalyst for Friedel-Crafts acylation? a) Nickel b) Zeolites c) Aluminium chloride

chem 4 quiz 2 finished version

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