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The United Nations is an international [organization] that was established in 1945 to help [keep] world peace. It was established shortly after the [end] of World War II. In 1948 a special United Nations commission, [headed]by Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, US President Franklin D. Roosevelt's [wife], wrote a special document which [stated] the rights that all [people] should have. This document is [called] the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights." "UNIVERSAL" [means] "of all the people in the world." A "DECLARATION" is a [formal] announcement. "HUMAN RIGHTS" are the [rights]that each person has, simply [because] he or she is [human]. The human rights are there to [protect] us and help us live in [peace]. Studying and knowing our human rights is as important today as it was after World War II. This is because when people don't know their [natural] rights things such as injustice, [discrimination], intolerance and slavery can happen. The more [aware] people are to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the closer we [get] to a peaceful, free and [fair] world..

The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights


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