Shamika is my best friend. I know I can ____ ____ her to encourage me when I am unsure of myself. I know you need to talk to me. ____ ____ and I will be available to talk in a moment. Remember to never ____ ____ on others. Every person has value and should be treated as such. The bully at school likes to ____ ____ the new kids. If the bully picks on anyone again, I will be sure to ____ ____ him. My family ____ ____ going to Disney World for our next vacation. I'm so excited! I didn't understand our homework. I hope the teacher doesn't ____ ____ me today in class. I haven't been able to do a backflip yet, but I will ____ ____ trying and eventually I will succeed in doing a backflip. My mom just came home with three new outfits for me to ____ ____. I hope they fit. I love getting new clothes. That kind woman helped the older lady ____ ____ the bus.




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