abroad - in or to a foreign country, accommodation - a place where you live or stay, adjoining rooms - next to or connected to each other, aisle - a narrow passage, for example between seats on a plane, amendment - a small change made to an arrangement, aperitif - an alcoholic drink you have just before a meal, assembly point - a place where all the people go if there's a fire or other emergency, baggage carousel - a large rubber belt at an airport that moves in a circle and from which you collect your luggage, bath mat - a small rug for you to step on when you get out of the bath/shower, bathrobe - a loose long piece of clothing like a coat that you put on when you get out of the bath/shower, bath towel - a thick piece of fabric, used to dry yourself, bedspread - a fabric cover that is placed over a bed, belongings - the things that you own and carry with you, boarding card - a card you must show when you get on a ship/planeboarding card, budget - an exact amount of money you have planned to spend on something, cabin/hand luggage - smaller bags that you can take onto a plane with you, capacity - the number of people who can fit into a particular space, such as a room or a bus, car rental - an arrangement to rent a car for a period of time, cashier - the person in a bank, shop, etc. who deals with payments, changing room - a small room where you can change into different clothes,

Tourism and Hospitality Vocabulary - Part 1




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