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Helyes: 12mA=0,012A, 125V=0,0125kV, 2,8MW=2800kW, 25cm=0,25m, 840m=0,84km, 1m2=10000cm2, 1l=1dm3, 250g=250000mg, 1200cm3=1,2 l, 1LE=0,735kW, 0°C=273,15K, 1bar=100kPa, 1kW=1,36LE, 259Ω=0,259kΩ, 1250µm=1,25mm, Helytelen: 1m2=100cm2, 100cm=1km, 1l=10dm3, 560g=5,6kg, 6,8V=680mV, 97mA=0,097kA, 5,8W=0,58kW, 12V=12000kV, 85mm=85000m,

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