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unit of energy - joule, one ampere in one second - one coulomb, 3600000J - 1 kWh, resistance of a material inside a battery - internal resistance, when waves spread out through a gap - diffraction, a law applying conservation of energy - kirchoffs second law, 1 joule per coulomb - 1 volt, current is proportional to voltage when temp is the same - ohms law, intensity of a wave is proportional to - amplitude squared, resistance of this component reduces with increase in temperature - thermistor, energy transferred per unit change when energy is converted into electrical energy - emf, v = I/nAe - electron drift velocity, colour of light 740nm - red, in a metal, this is proportional to temperature - resistance, constant phase difference and same frequency - coherent, sum of currents entering junction = sum of currents leaving junction - Kirchoffs first law, when waves interfere we add their - amplitude, Charge carriers in an electrolyte - Ions, energy is trapped in the loops of a.. - stationary wave, measured in ohm-metres - resistivity, number of oscillations oer second - frequency, light of a single wavelength - monochromatic, a wave that only oscillates in one plane is - polarised, example of a longitudinal wave - sound, 1 joule per second - 1 watt,


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