Alan Spence - The name of the writer. The play is based on his life growing up in Glasgow in the 1960s., Alec - The main character, who is 11 when the play begins. His mother has just died. He is bright and imaginative., Davie - Alec’s dad. He used to be a sailmaker, but now collects debt (“tick man”). He drinks and gambles, Ian - Alec’s cousin. The two boys play together but are different. Ian is very realistic and keen to get a trade., Billy - He is Ian’s father and Davie’s brother. He works as a painter and decorator and gives Davie money., Toy Yacht - Alec finds this is the glory hole cupboard and asks his father to fix it up. It becomes a symbol in the play., Religion - An important idea or theme in the play. Alec is Protestant but curious about Catholic beliefs., Poverty - Alec and Davie have very little money and it is hard to make ends meet. Education in Alec’s way out., Grief - Another theme in the play is grief: the depression and sadness felt by those who lose a loved one., Sectarianism - Catholics and Protestants are both Christians - they belong to the same religion, but are different sects.,




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