A government led by a king or queen - Monarchy, Weakness of a monarchy - Citizens do not vote for a king or queen, Weakness of a monarchy - Monarchs can misuse or abuse their power, Pilgrims purpose for leaving England - Religious freedom, Government created by Pilgrims - Representative Government, Outcome of French and Indian War - France lost territory in North America, Outcome of French and Indian War - Britain gained territory in North America, Outcome of French and Indian War - Britain was in debt or did not have $, Proclamation of 1763 - American colonists were restricted to migrate west, The Sugar Act - A tax on all imported molasses into the American colonies, The Stamp Act - A tax placed on newspapers and official paper documents sold in the American Colonies, The Townshend Acts - A tax on all glass, lead, paint, paper and tea imported to the colonies and enforced by British soldiers, The Tea Act - Forced American colonists to only purchase taxed tea from British East India Company, Boston Tea Party - American colonists protested the tea tax by throwing it into the harbor, Boston Massacre - Street fight between American colonists and British soldiers. Used to motivate colonists to move towards war., Common Sense - A pamphlet shared within the colonies to persuade colonists to fight for independence,


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