1) What is the correct spelling? a) Seperate b) Separate c) seprate d) seperete 2) Correct form? a) I should have gone b) I should of gone c) I should gone d) I should been 3) Correct form? a) I like it alot b) I like it allot c) I like it a lot d) I like it alott 4) Correct form? a) The girls baskets. b) The girls' baskets c) The girl's baskets d) The girls basket's 5) Correct form? a) The boy's car b) The boys' car c) The boys car d) The boys car' 6) Correct form a) 1970's b) 1970s' c) 1970s d) 19'70 7) Correct form? a) Begginning b) Begining c) Beginingg d) Beginning 8) Correct form? a) written b) writen c) writenn d) writeen 9) Correct form? a) analyse b) analise c) anallyse d) annalyse 10) Correct form? a) literatrure b) literature c) litteratue d) littereature
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