Writing a blog, Sexual webcamming, Selling nudes online, gambling, Research for school or college, Accessing pro-selfharm/suicide sites , Requesting images to be airbrushed, Retention of indecent images of peers, Meeting online friends as part of a group, Disrupted sleep through device dependence /gaming, Looking at images of different body types/genital types to understand the range of normal, Accessing extremist/pro-self-harm/suicide social media accounts as part of ongoing recovery or offering support, Finding out about sexual behaviours using pornography, Use of digital devises after bed time, Coercive behaviour towards others using digital technology (eg. tracking others, accessing other people's accounts), Meeting online friends unsupervised , Excessively watching porn, Online dating with adults, Obsession with selfies, Watching violent/extreme pornography, Setting up a fake social media account to explore gender identity or sexuality, Accessing deep web sites using browsers such as Tor to explore what is there, Taking and sending/receiving nudes/sexting for any reason, Private use of digital platforms, Compulsive use of pornography, Excessive posing in selfies, Accessing extreme pornography, Being secretive about direct messages, Meeting online friends if have skyped/facetimed (whilst taking appropriate precautions), Catfishing/direct messaging someone pretending to be someone else, Online dating with peers (whilst taking precautions such as taking a friend and meeting in public), Placing oneself at physical risk in order to take selfies or generate online content, Radicalisation, Accessing extremist websites, Forwarding nudes of other young people, including friends, without consent, Online shopping with own money, Persistently viewing extremist sites, Repeating extremist views read about online, Accessing dark web to engage with services (eg buying drugs, downloading extreme porn), Accessing illegal content, Showing someone distressing videos they don't want to see, Online shopping with parents/carers money without their knowledge.

What 16-18 yr olds do online


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