1) TO WASH a) whashen b) washed c) washied 2) TO DANCE a) danced b) dancing c) danceed 3) TO TRY a) tryed b) tryd c) tried 4) TO STOP a) stopped b) stoped c) stopen 5) TO BE a) beed b) was / were c) bed 6) TO JUMP a) jumping b) jumped c) jumpped 7) TO ARRIVE a) arrived b) arroven c) arrivved 8) TO CARRY a) carried b) carryed c) carred 9) TO DROP a) droped b) dropied c) dropped 10) TO HAVE a) has b) had c) haved 11) TO PLAY a) played b) plaied c) playing 12) TO SAVE a) saves b) savied c) saved 13) TO CRY a) cryed b) cried c) cred 14) TO STEP a) stepped b) stepen c) steped 15) TO TAKE a) taked b) took c) taken

What is the correct simple past form for the ... verb??




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