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1) I _____________ (go) to London in 1998. a) went b) has gone c) have gone 2) She _____________ (win) some tournaments. a) already won b) has already won c) have already won 3) _________ you __________ (see) that new film yet? a) has seen b) did see c) have seen 4) We ____________ (be) in Los Angeles last week. a) was b) have been c) were 5) When __________ she___________ (win) the cup? a) did win b) has won c) does win 6) The Brazilians _______________ (win) the World Cup four times. a) has won b) have won c) won 7) He ____________(come) to my town. a) never came b) have never come c) has never come 8) Top model Claudia Schiffer _________ (work) for many dress company. a) has worked b) worked c) was working 9) Nadia Comaneci ___________ (win) four Olympic gold medals when she _________ (be) fourteen. a) won has been b) won was c) has won has been 10) Leonardo DiCaprio _____________ (make) many films so far. a) made b) has made c) was making 11) How long _____________ they _________ (live) here? a) have lived b) did live c) has lived 12) He ________________ (write) his first book in 1988. a) has written b) was writing c) wrote 13) They ________________ (sell) one million copies since then. a) sold b) have sold c) has sold 14) After she ______________ (finish) the letter she ______________(send) it. a) was finishing sent b) has finished sent c) finished sent 15) Where is Tom? He ____________ to the shop. a) has been b) went c) has gone
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