1) He ______ in St.Helens a) live b) lives 2) I ______ in St.Helens a) live b) lives 3) She _________ coffee and biscuits. a) likes b) like 4) We ______ Liverpool. a) like b) likes 5) Nader ________ football. a) play b) plays 6) Nadia ______ coffee. a) drink b) drinks 7) ___ goes to the cinema. a) He b) We c) They 8) ____ have a kitten. a) She b) Nader c) They 9) _____ doesn't like pasta. a) I b) Ali c) They 10) _______ is from Hong Kong. a) We b) Frankie c) Hallie and Harris 11) _____ likes to eat fish. a) My cats b) They c) My cat 12) _______ like to play. a) My cats b) He c) My cat




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