1) Why do Jews have the festival of Sukkot? a) To celebrate the victory of the Maccabees b) To celebrate the Fall Harvest c) To celebrate the New Year 2) How do Jews celebrate Sukkot? a) Build a Sukkah b) Start the Torah from the beginning c) Have a Seder 3) How many walls does a Sukkah have? a) 2 b) 4 c) 3 4) What is a Sukkah made out of? a) natural materials that are temporary b) bricks c) concrete 5) What is an important feature of building a Sukkah? a) You must put a star on top of it b) It must have a menorah in it c) You must see the stars through the roof d) 6) What is the roof of the Sukkah made from? a) Clear plastic b) A quilt blanket c) Palm fronds and other leafy brahches 7) How many days after Yom Kippur does Sukkot start?  a) Ten b) Five c) Eighteen 8) What do we wave in the air on Sukkot? a) The flag of Israel b) Lulav and etrog c) The Torah 9) How many days is Sukkot?  a) Seven or Eight, depending where you live and your tradition b) Five c) Ten in the land of Israel 10) Who are we supposed to bring into our Sukkah? a) Dogs and cats in the neighborhood b) Guests (friends and families) c) The pizza delivery man





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