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Digital certificate - Electronic document used to prove the ownership of a public key, Subject - Owner of digital certificate, Public key, identity of the owner, digital signature of certification authotiry - Information contained in a digital certificate, Validity of digital signature and good feedback about trust of the issuer - Condition to use the public key contained in a digital certificate, Computer or other device - Subject of digital certificate in TLS context, Person or organization - Subject of digital certificate in e-signature systems, X.509 - The most common format for public key certificates, Certification, validation and revocation of certificates - Certification Authority activities, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) - Collection of CAs and protocols for invoking their services by clients, In-band authentication - Authentication through PKI method, Out-of-band authentication - Authentication through traditional methods, Hierarchical - Certification authorities structure, Currency, validity and not have been revoked - aspects to Consider in a validation process of a digital certificate, Revocation - Process of breaking the binding between a public key and a subject of a digital certificate, CLR - List of revoked certificates,


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