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1) Who is the enemy? a) Doctor Dread b) Kirsty c) Luke 2) Doctor Dread laughed.......... a) horrible b) horribly c) horribely 3) Luke opened his eyes....... a) slowly b) slow c) slowely 4) Luke.........grabbed the guard's gun. a) quick b) quickely c) quickly 5) Be ........! a) careful b) carefully c) carefuly 6) What is a blanket? a) you use it when you eat b) you put it on yourself when you are sleeping c) you drink it 7) What does 'push' mean? a) opposite of 'pull' b) a kind of clothes c) when you speak loudly 8) Luke is a ........driver. a) good b) well c) better 9) Doctor Dread pulled the bag......... a) heavy b) hard c) hardly 10) He was a peacock. a) proudly b) prouder c) proud
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