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1) This woman has got ........nail in the world. a) longer b) the longest c) the shortest 2) Ping Ping is ...........person in the world. a) the shortest b) the tallest c) the fattest 3) Lake Bajkál is ...........lake in the world. a) deeper b) the deepest c) the deep 4) This woman's got in the world. a) the longest b) the shortest c) the largest 5) This is ...........octopus in the sea. a) the smallest b) the largest c) the bigest 6) He' in the world. a) the slimmest b) the most beautiful c) the strongest 7) This man is person in the world. a) the tallest b) the talest c) the talllest 8) She's got than he has. a) long b) longer c) the longest 9) The child is ........than the man. a) the smallest b) small c) smaller 10) The man is ........than the boy. a) fatter b) fater c) the fattest

comparative and superlative

by Anonymous


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