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1) Non l'ho vista. a) I haven't see her. b) I haven't seen her. c) I haven't saw her. d) I haven't see her e) I haven't her 2) Le ho mandato una mail. a) I have sent her an email. b) I has sent her an email. c) I send her an email. d) I have sent her a email. e) I have send a mail 3) Ho già finito. a) I have just finished. b) I haven't finished yet. c) I have already finished. d) I have finish e) I has finished 4) Rachel is not here. E'andata a Dublino. a) She went to Dublin. b) She has been to Dublin. c) She has gone to Dublin. d) She have been to Dublin. e) She have gone to Dublin. 5) Hai già cenato? a) Have you had dinner? b) Have you just had dinner? c) Have you had dinner yet? d) Have you dinner? e) Have you dinnered yet? 6) L'ho appena incontrata. a) I have just met her. b) I have met her just. c) I have just met him. d) I have already met her e) I met her yet 7) Mamma, ho già studiato! a) Mum, I've studied yet! b) Mum, I've studied! c) Mum, I've already studied! d) I has studied e) I 'ave studied already 8) Sei già andato in palestra? a) Have you been to the gym yet? b) Have you be to the gym yet? c) Have you just been to the gym? d) Has you been to gym? e) Has you gonne already to gym? 9) E' stato a New York 4 volte! a) He has been to NY 4 times! b) He have been to NY 4 times! c) He has gone to NY 4 times! d) He been to NY twice e) He's gone at NY 4 times 10) Ho appena iniziato. a) I have started. b) I have just started. c) I have already started. d) I's just started e) I'm just started 11) Sei mai stato in America? a) Have you ever been to the USA? b) Did you ever go to the USA? c) Have you never been to the USA? d) Has you neve non è to America? e) Did you go to America? 12) Hai mai copiato in una verifica? a) Have you ever cheat on a test? b) Have you ever cheated on a test? c) Have you never cheated on a test? d) You have ever copied a test? e) Did you ever copy a test? 13) Sei mai stato sincero? a) Are you ever sincere? b) Have you never been sincere? c) Have you ever been sincere? d) Did you be ever sincere? e) Have you be mai sincere? 14) Non ti ho mai mentito. a) I have ever lied to you. b) I never lie to you. c) I have never lied to you. d) I've never lay to you e) I have have lied to you 15) I still... what I'm looking for. a) have found b) haven't found c) haven't find d) find e) found

Present Perfect (revision)


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