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1) I have worked at these project ... last Sunday a) since b) for 2) He hasn’t slept ... the day before yesterday a) for b) since 3) Have you studied ... hours? a) since b) for 4) Mum has cooked ...yesterday a) since b) for 5) I have taught English ...years a) since b) for 6) Ann has known us ... she was seven a) since b) for 7) I have been here ... three days a) since b) for 8) They have watched TV ... half an hour a) since b) for 9) My friends have been on holiday ... the end of the school year a) since b) for 10) Mark hasn’t passed an exam ... his birthday a) for b) since 11) Has he listened to this song hour? a) for b) since 12) Ann has swum ...10 o'clock! a) for b) since 13) They haven't spoken to me ... one day. a) for b) since 14) I have been to London ...four days a) since b) for


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