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'Like they say at the welfare, kids can't live on love alone.' - Parenting, 'An' you don't even notice broken bottles in the sand, the oil in the water.' - Child v Adult, 'I could've been him.' - Jealousy, 'And who'd dare tell the lambs in Spring, what fate the later seasons bring.' - Child v Adult, 'How come you got everything and I got nothing?' - Jealousy, 'There's a man gone mad in the town tonight, he's gonna shoot somebody down.' - Violence, 'I'm just thinkin', you've not had much of a life with me have you?' - Nature v Nurture, 'Now you say after me,'I will always defend my brother'.' - Friendship, 'You know the most smashing things. Will you be my best friend?' - Friendship, 'You see why I don't want you mixing with boys like that.' - Social Class, 'I got y' I shot y' and you bloody know I did.' - Violence, 'Make sure he keeps with his own kind, Mr Lyons.' - Social Class,

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