carrots - I fed some _____________ to my pet hare., airplane - My family took an _____________ to Canada., teddy bear - The baby won’t go to sleep without his _____________., military - You have to be at least 18 to join the _____________., downstairs - We watch TV _____________ in the basement., marionette  - A puppet on strings is called a _____________., fair - They went to the _____________ and ate some cotton candy., dairy - I bought milk, eggs, and cheese in the _____________ section., solitaire - My grandma loves to play _____________., carriages - In olden days, people rode in a _____________., paramedics - The _____________ were called to the scene of the accident., marathon - You have to be a good athlete to run in a _____________., highchair  - The mom fed her baby in his _____________., warehouse - The _____________ is next to the factory., hairdo - The girl got a beautiful _____________ for the dance.,




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