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1)  food  in Italy a) Apples b) Kebab c) Pizza 2) Which is japanese food  ?  a) Sushi. b) Pizza. c) Pasta. 3) Fish&Chips is a typical food in.... a) U.S.A. b) United Kingdom. c) South Africa. 4) Which Fruit is red ? a) Gerry Scotti b) Apple. c) Lime. d) Orange. 5) Where do you buy food? a) In the park b) In the Shop c) In the port 6) Where do you study? a) In the school b) In the port c) In the church 7) Famous italian food a) Barbara D'urso b) Ramen c) Pizza d) Burger 8) Where do you eat food? a) In a Restaurant or at the Pizzeria b) At the school c) In the garden 9) What do you  eat in a pizzeria? a) Pizza b) Cakes c) Candys



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