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1) What's the name of Mary's rabbit. a) Hammy b) Tiddles c) Flopsy 2) Who is the lion? a) Millie b) Mickey c) the guard 3) Who wrote the Project 2 book? a) Gárdonyi Géza b) Tom Hutchinson c) Andrew Littlejohn d) Diana Hicks 4) What kind of dog has Amy got? a) Yorkshire terrier b) Welsh terrier c) Bichon hawanese 5) When did the doctor arrive at Liam's house? a) 11:30 b) 10:45 c) 16:50 6) Where does Mr. X work? a) in a fast food restaurant b) in a post office c) in Royal Bank 7) What happened with Mr Green? a) he broke his tooth b) he burnt his hand c) he cut his finger 8) Where is the dog food? a) on the shelf b) in the cupboard c) under the desk 9) What ocean is round the UK? a) Atlantic Ocean b) Pacific Ocean c) Arctic Ocean d) Mediterranian Sea 10) What is the capital of Scotland? a) Glasgow b) Belfast c) Cardiff d) Edinburgh 11) Who is the Valentine's card to? a) Amy b) Russel c) Nicol d) Nicola 12) I never watch........ I don't like........."says Sophie. a) quiz shows----quiz b) videos-----video films c) sports programmes----sports d) television----TV 13) What's the name of the bad man in unit 6? a) Bazsa Józsi b) Dr. Draad c) Dr. Ryan d) Dr. Dread 14) What is the name of the computer? a) Thomas b) Reginald c) Scott 15) Where does Liam live? a) London b) Manchester c) Oxford d) Bornemouth 16) What colours are the books on Mrs Kay's desk? a) yellow,green,brown b) orange,red, blue c) blue,green,red 17) Who is Bella? a) Amy's friend b) Reginald's friend c) Pilar Alvarez's sister 18) When is Amy's birthday? a) 8 May b) 14 June c) 28 August d) 10 May 19) When did David get up? a) 8:30 b) 6:30 c) 7:30 20) What did David help in the house? a) wash up b) set the table c) cook

pro2 book revision

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