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1) how many people speak the first lenguage? a) 2 billion people b) 750 million people c) 375 million people 2) in how many states English is the official language? a) 75 states b) 23 sates c) 100 states 3) how many people speak the speak second lenguage? a) 225 million people b) 400 million people c) 560 million people 4) what evidence is there to suggest that english is the lenguage of science? a) peole watch the films all over the world b) the majority of the world scientists read in english c) english is the main lenguage of books and newspapers 5) what is the purpose of the text? a) to encourage people to speak other lenguages b) to encourage people to emigrateto the united states c) to explain whi english is a word language 6) english is? a) the most spoken lenguage in the world b) the world's only official international language c) spoken by half the world's population


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