to be in someone’s best interests - the option which will benefit someone most, come to a standstill - to stop moving, raise someone’s profile - to make someone better (or more positively) known, take something as read - to assume something without checking because it appears obvious, to foil an attempt - to stop someone from doing something bad, to take (something/someone) seriously - to treat something/someone sincerely, be prone to - to be at risk of, to be in two minds - to be undecided, know full well (that) - to be very aware of something, take someone/something for granted - to not appreciate someone/something, to cut straight to the chase - to speak directly about an issue, often to save time, to produce from scratch - to make something from the very beginning, two heads are better than one - working in a pair is preferable when thinking of ideas, be down to - the reason for,




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