1.  a) Excuse me. How much do these shoes ____?  b) Excuse me. I can't find a ____ on these jeans. 2.  a) Do you have a pen? I need to write a ____.  b) Could you lend me enough ____ to buy a drink and a bag of crisps?  c) You have to be 18 to own a ____ ____. 3.   a) What ____ can you put into the drinks machine?  b) I'm sorry. I've only got a 50 pound ____. Can you change it? 4.   a) I bought this dress in the ____. Do you like it?  b) These trainers were a real ____. They were 20 pounds cheaper than usual.  c) I got a ____ on these shoes because there's a mark on them. 5.  a) Can I ____ 10 pounds until tomorrow?  b) I ____ Jo 50 pounds, but I can't afford to pay her back.  c) I'll ____ you some money if you haven't got any.




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