1) She wants to _______ in her career. a) get ahead b) get away c) get by 2) I never lend books - you never ____ them _____. a) get away b) get back c) get at 3) The robber __________. The police couldn't catch him. a) got on with b) got through c) got away 4) She doesn't really _____________ her sister. a) get at b) get on/along with c) get back 5) How does she ________ on such a small salary? a) get by b) get at c) get ahead 6) Let's start - there's a lot to _________. a) get by b) get through c) get away 7) She's always ___________ me. I'm tired of her nasty comments. a) getting by b) getting at c) getting through 8) We must ___________________ for a coffee sometime. a) get together b) get back c) get on/along with




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