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1) I need your help with my homework. Don't let me......, please. a) on b) down c) in 2) They neighbours are very noisy. They are falling ....... all the time. a) in b) with c) out 3) I don't want to disturb you. Keep ..... doing your work. a) on b) out c) up 4) I was walking to work and I came old friend, I haven't seen for ages. a) on b) across c) up 5) After work I always pick .... my children at school. a) on b) in c) up 6) I am travelling to Greece tomorrow, so I have to set ...early in the mornong to be at the airport in time. a) off b) in c) on 7) Old people can't put ... with the music of the teenagers. a) on b) up c) out 8) There is chaos in this classroom. What's going ....? a) out b) off c) on 9) When I crashed my father's new car, he told me ..... a) on b) off c) out 10) Preparing for the exam takes ...all my time. a) off b) out c) up 11) jfföee a) p b) j c) up
by Anonymous


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