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1) Which school do Harry Potter and friends attend? a) Dumbledores b) Hagrids c) Hogworts d) St. Anne's 2) What is the surname of the teacher in the card game Happy Families? a) Mr. Chalk b) Mr. Pencil c) Mr. Lesson d) Mr. Know-it-all 3) For which animals is the term “school” the collective noun? a) cats b) butterflies c) owls d) fish 4) Who attends Bikini Bottom Elementary School? a) Phineus & Ferb b) Arthur c) Spongebob d) Noddy 5) Who presents TV's University Challenge? a) Jeremy Clarkson b) Jeremy Paxman c) Jeremy Vine d) Kirsty Young 6) Which school did Jack Black "star" in? a) Grange Hill b) School of Rock c) St. Trinian's d) Srpingfield High 7) When did St. Anne's Primary first open in Donaghadee? a) 1912 b) 1929 c) 1932 d) 1949
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