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1) Who invented the periodic table? a) Albert Einstein b) August Kekulé c) Charles Darwin d) Dmitri Mendeleev 2) Approximately how many elements are there in the modern table? a) 20 b) 50 c) 100 d) 500 3) Which element has the lightest atoms? a) Beryllium b) Helium c) Hydrogen d) Lithium 4) Which one of these elements is NOT a gas? a) Fluorine b) Chlorine c) Bromine d) Xenon 5) This one of these elements is a liquid? a) Mercury b) Phosphorus c) Boron d) Krypton 6) Which of these metals is NOT a transition metal? a) Copper b) Cobalt c) Aluminium d) Chromium 7) Which of these elements has the heaviest atoms? a) Iron b) Lead c) Gold d) Uranium 8) Which of these elements is in group 2? a) Sodium b) Calcium c) Potassium d) Rubidium 9) Which of these elements is most reactive? a) Oxygen b) Sulfur c) Selenium d) Tellurium 10) Which of these elements is most reactive? a) Beryllium b) Magnesium c) Calcium d) Strontium

The Periodic Table Quiz


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