1) Which is the biggest country on Earth? a) Russia b) Canada c) China d) India 2) This is the flag of... a) Australia b) United Kingdom c) United States of America d) Cook Islands 3) This is the flag of... a) South Africa b) Jamaica c) Brazil d) Tanzania 4) Which country is NOT in Scandanavia? a) Norway b) Denmark c) Poland d) Sweden 5) Which of these island countries is the biggest? a) Iceland b) Japan c) New Zealand d) Madagascar 6) Bern is the capital of... a) Serbia b) Germany c) Austria d) Switzerland 7) The capital of the United States of America is... a) New York City b) Washington D.C. c) Los Angeles d) Philadelphia 8) Which of these countries does NOT border on the Mediterranean? a) Portugal b) Egypt c) Greece d) Morocco 9) The red country on this map is... a) Brazil b) Argentina c) Peru d) Chile




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