Do you believe that you are emotional person?, Do you believe that you are emotional person? , When and where do you become emotional?, Who do you think are more emotional? Men or women?, Does your head or your heart that makes most of your life decisions?, What do you think the strongest emotions are? , In what situation do you think it is important to control your emotions?, Do people in your country express their emotions more or less than they do in Australia? Share examples., Would you rather fall in love with an emotional person or a rational person?, What was the most emotional experience of your life?, Describe an experience where you felt the proudest of yourself., Describe a situation when you felt afraid., Have you ever felt jealous? When and why?, Do you ever feel guilty? When and why?, Are you annoyed when your partner or spouse flirts with someone else ?, Do bad mannered people upset you?, Does it upset you when people say unkind things about you?.


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