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1) Sometimes I like to be ... myself. a) on b) by c) with 2) Can you give me a change ...a pound? a) for b) on c) of 3) Unfortunately I am not invited ... the wedding reception. a) for b) on c) to 4) Have you found the solution ...your problem? a) for b) to c) over 5) After the storm there was a lot of damage ... the houses. a) in b) for c) to 6) Let's go to the cinama! No, ...the second thougts, we'd better go to a restaurant. a) on b) for c) in 7) Scientists haven't found the cause .....many illnesses yet. a) for b) of c) with 8) Some students are having trouble .... some subjects. a) at b) in c) with 9) Unfortunately there is a rise ... the number of unemployed people. a) on b) in c) at 10) A dog was chasing me, so after running for five minutes I was ...... breath. a) out for b) out from c) out of
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