1) I didn't have any money yesterday because I ......... my wallet at home. a) leave b) was left c) had left 2) We didn't have anything to eat last night because my husband ....... to the shops. a) hadn't been b) didn't been c) had forgotten 3) I was really late for college yesterday - when I ......... the class had already started. a) had arrived b) arrived c) had been 4) I passed all my exams because I ......... very hard for them. a) had studied b) study c) was practised 5) He didn't pass his driving test because he ............ enough on the streets. a) had practised b) hadn't practised c) is practising 6) The internet in my house didn't work as I ......... to pay the bill. a) forget b) had forgotten c) didn't forget 7) When the police arrived, the thief ..... a) had escaped. b) escaped. c) has escaped. 8) ..... all the water before we were halfway up the mountain. a) We've finished b) We finished c) We'd finished 9) ..... when you called yesterday? a) Did the parcel b) Has the parcel arrived c) Had the parcel arrived 10) They left before ..... to them. a) I spoke b) I'd spoken c) I was speaking 11) I called his office but ..... a) he'd already left. b) he's gone. c) he went. 12) It was the most beautiful photo ..... a) I has ever seen. b) I saw. c) I'd ever seen. 13) ..... anyone from France before I met Phillipe. a) I never met b) I'd never met c) I've never met 14) I went to visit her when ..... to Berlin. a) she's just moved b) she has moved c) she'd just moved




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