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1) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. Who was the first child to win a Golden Ticket? a) Veruca Salt b) Augustus Gloop c) Mike Teevee 2) The Diamond Girls by Jaqueline Wilson. What is the name of Dixie's pet? a) Foxglove b) Dahlia c) Bluebell 3) The Famous Five by Enid Blyton What is the name of the bay where George lives, which is the scene of some of the Famous Five's exciting adventures? a) Carlyon Bay b) Kirrin Bay c) Holywell Bay 4) The Spiderwick Chronicles by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black. What is the first name of Mallory, Simon and Jared's great uncle Spiderwick, author of the Field Guide found by the children? a) Arthur b) Archimboldo c) Arnold 5) Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey. What is the name of "the world's cheesiest animation technique" used in the Captain Underpants books? a) Move-o-matic b) Supermarionation c) Flip-o-Rama 6) Who wrote The Very Hungry Caterpillar? a) Eric Carle b) Mick Inkpen c) Eric Hill 7) What lights did Philip Pullman write about? a) Street lights b) Northern lights c) Blackpool illuminations 8) Where did C S Lewis's wardrobe lead to? a) Next door's attic b) Narnia c) Luton 9) Peter Pan. What is Tinkerbell? a) A Mermaid b) A Fairy c) A Pixie 10) Harry Potter. How many brothers does Ginny Weasley have? a) 5 b) 6 c) 7 11) A Series of Unfortunate Events - The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket. What do the Baudelaire orphans make for dinner for Count Olaf and his theatre troupe? a) Roast beef b) Spaghetti bolognaise c) Noodles with Puttanesca Sauce 12) Who wrote the Horrid Henry stories? a) Mick Inkpen b) Judy Blume c) Francesca Simon 13) What were the names of the twins in Alice and Wonderland? a) Porgy and Bess b) Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum c) Muzzle Toff and Mizzle Tiff 14) In the book Robinson Crusoe, who was Robinson's only companion on his desert island? a) Monday b) Friday c) Thursday 15) Who ended up the stomach of a whale? a) Josiah b) Jeremiah c) Jonah 16) In the story Peter Pan, what is the name of Hook's incompetent aid? a) Smee b) Crockett c) Sully 17) Who wrote the book "How to Train Your Dragon"? a) Artemis Fowl b) Cressida Cowell c) Anthony Horowitz 18) The Iron Man by Ted Hughes In the book, the Iron Man crashes to the bottom of the cliff and falls to pieces. A seagull swoops down and picks up one part of his body. Which part? a) Ear b) Eyeball c) Robotic hand 19) Charlotte's Web by E White What does Charlotte first write in her web? a) some pig b) let him live c) what a spider 20) Storm Breaker by Anthony Horovitz What does the villainous Herod Sayle keep as a pet? a) Scorpion b) Boa constrictor c) Portuguese Man of War

wordwall book quiz - extended version CM

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