1) My mother didn't ___________ to work, but now she does. a) used to walk b) use to walk c) used to walked d) use to walked 2) Did you __________________ have blond hair? a) use to have b) used to have c) used to had d) use to had 3) We ________________, but now we're ordering our meals. We're too lazy to cook. a) use to cooked b) used to cooked c) use to cook d) used to cook 4) When she was young, she _____________ out a lot. Now, she prefers to stay in. a) go b) goes c) went d) used to went 5) Did we ______________ the cooker off? I don't remember.  a) switched b) switch c) use to switched d) used to switch 6) I didn't ____________ Spanish at school. a) study b) studied c) studies d) used to study 7) I ____________ , but now I don't. a) use to smoke b) used to smoke c) used to smoked d) use to smoked 8) Did you ___________ the bird? a) see b) saw c) use to see d) seed 9) My father ___________ poems when he was young. a) write b) writes c) writed d) wrote 10) She _________ her earrings last night. a) lose b) used to lose c) losed d) lost 11) They __________ early, and now they're late for work. a) didn't got up b) didn't get up c) didn't gets up 12) My friend __________ to Canada last week. a) fly b) flew c) flyed d) flies 13) My brother didn't _____________ in the first class, but now he's rich and he does. a) flyed b) used to fly c) use to fly d) flew 14) They _____________ camping when they were kids. a) use to go b) used to went c) use to went d) used to go 15) Why did you ___________ so late? a) arrive b) arrived c) arrives d) used to arrive




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