1) You are a good driver,__________? a) are you b) aren't you c) is it d) isn't it 2) Her baby girl is really cute, ______________? a) isn't it b) does she c) has she d) isn't she 3) We have a lot to get done,____________? a) did we b) have we c) hadn't we d) haven't we 4) The last time you read an article in English was yesterday,______________? a) wasn't it b) did you c) were you d) was it 5) You aren't going to finish, _______________? a) are you b) is it c) does it d) isn't it 6) She doesn't actually like dogs, ______________? a) doesn't she b) does she c) is it d) aren't they 7) Babies don't like wet diapers, ____________? a) do they b) don't they c) are they d) aren't they 8) Some people don't understand how important it is to vote, ___________? a) aren't they b) is it c) do they d) don't they 9) It's hard to learn another language, ____________? a) is it b) does it c) doesn't it d) isn't it 10) He isn't a very good golfer,____________? a) isn't he b) haven't he c) had he d) is he 11) You wouldn't have come to see this film if you knew what it was about,_______________? a) isn't it b) wouldn't it c) would you d) haven't you 12) We were not very happy to go to work on this warm sunny spring day,_____________? a) were we b) wasn't we c) was we d) weren't we 13) It's very hot in here, ______________? a) isn't it b) is it c) wasn't it d) was it 14) The trains are never on time, _________________? a) aren't they b) isn't it c) are they d) is it 15) Your parents have retired, ________________? a) have they b) did they c) haven't they d) are they 16) Your mom hadn't met him before,_____________? a) did she b) hasn't she c) hadn't she d) had she 17) The bus stop is over there, _____________? a) isn't it b) is it c) does it d) doesn't it 18) I'm going to get an e-mail with all of the details, ________________? a) am I b) aren't I c) are I d) amn't I 19) Julie didn't say much, ________________? a) didn't she b) hadn't she c) did she d) had she 20) I wasn't rude, ______________? a) was I b) were I c) wouldn't I d) didn't I




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